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Banner is a simple triweb app (TWA) that allows you to setup a static website directly from your domain control panel. No external servers or coding experience is needed as the website theme and texts are configured entirely through the DNS TXT records.


Getting Started

To deploy the Banner app on your domain (e.g.,, follow these steps:

  1. Point your domain at a triweb relay server

    Log in to your domain control panel and set up a CNAME record pointing your domain to a triweb relay server, e.g.,:            CNAME            CNAME
  2. Deploy the Banner TWA

    While still in your domain's control panel, add TXT records under the _triweb. subdomain to deploy the Banner app and configure it with the desired theme and text:    TXT     "app banner/themes/default"    TXT     "[h1] Welcome to my personal website"    TXT     "[p] I love cats and rabbits"    TXT     "app banner/themes/default"    TXT     "[h1] Welcome to my personal website"    TXT     "[p] I love cats and rabbits"

    For a comprehensive list of themes and their configurations, take a look into the themes directory.

  3. Visit your new website

    That's all - your new website is published. To see it in action, visit your domain.


Encountering issues? Here are some common problems and solutions:

  • DNS Propagation Delay: DNS changes might take up to 48 hours to propagate worldwide. If your website isn't accessible immediately, please wait and try again later.
  • Incorrect DNS Configuration: Ensure that your TXT and CNAME records are correctly set up. Typos or incorrect values can prevent your website from loading. You can online tools such as mxtoolbox to check DNS records.


Q: Can I use custom domains with Banner?
A: Yes, Banner, just like any TWA, supports custom domains. Just configure your domain's DNS settings as shown in the setup guide.

Q: How can I change my website's theme?
A: To change your theme, update the _triweb. TXT record for your domain that begins with app keyword with the path to the new theme's manifest file.

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