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Triweb Solutions, LLC

Triweb Solutions LLC provides process automation software solutions to help companies streamline their business. Triweb offers solutions for Business Process Management (BPM) and Automated Workflow.

BizPartner™ is Triweb Solutions' product suite for BPM and Workflow Automation. BizPartner™ enables the design, analysis, optimization and automation of business processes. Using BizPartner™’s easy drag-and-drop interface, business users and/or software developers can draw, validate and publish workflow maps. The workflow maps are published to the BizPartner™ WebService via XML over SOAP. Users interact with the finished process using a BizPartner™ web interface that exposes a ToDo List, Watch List and Blank Forms as well as other tools.

Triweb Solutions LLC is a Sage Software Certified Partner supporting products for Abra® Suite. Abra Suite from Sage Software delivers robust functionality with a low cost of ownership, making it an exceptional value for organizations of all sizes. Abra offers comprehensive payroll processing, recruiting, training requirements management and benefits administration that enables your company to tackle even challenging HR issues. Triweb Solutions' third party products to enhance Abra include Web TimeSheet.

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